Various combination with material art.

The design of Maratti veneer material is designed to facilitate collocation and use, provide users with rich choices, and fully consider the impact on the environment. Finish series include fabric, coating, decorative board, sheet, metal and plastic. How to apply inspiration and vitality from nature to office space is the purpose of our design materials. Maratti makes a great contribution to table boards and wall decoration boards by writing about the wood, texture and color of rocks. The unique process of vegetable oil seasickness makes the wood natural property more optimized, makes the ground, table top and wall surface revitalize the natural energy, is full of the fantastic imagination of nature, and produces different chemical reactions to the space style. Our fabric is usually used to match the hard surface, you can choose any architectural elements for the space, our decorative materials can match with it, creating an ideal environment. Our selection of fabrics is a classic choice that follows the trend and is selected according to specific aesthetic, technical and environmental standards. Make it easy for you to coordinate and match hard surfaces. ​



In this era, excellent values and office’s efficiency from the concepts of creativity and specialized knowledge.We encounter global trends, intelligent equipment and ergonomic technology with long-term research to create high-effective and healthy office furniture to offer supports to relentless creative inspiration.Our creative products and applications from the ergonomic supports to encourage body movements.It’s not only can improve employee’s healthy levels ,but also have great achievements in ergonomic research.With excellent products designs to give you the rights to change your working gestures flexibly.​​



MARATTI is the leader of fashionable office forms.Since 2006,we have devoted to original design and lifestyle’s research and development.So far we have created complete ecosystem original furniture to decorate office space and other corners.Our original products also showed in Chicago,Kolner,Dubai,Tokyo,Shanghai,Guangzhou and other countries in the world. 

30% values of MARATTI is manufacturing furniture, other 70% are creating and outputting entire new office lifestyle.Our inspiration space series products and the concepts of KEEP INSPIRING help those excellent employees to create their ideal and stylish offices. Nowadays,the cases of ideal office have spread all over the world and have become the remarkable popular focus in every city.

MARATTI’s showrooms and online sales have been around the every big city in China.In America we have warehouses and online sales.In Japan ,Southeastern Asia,Australia,Middle-East,Europe we all have complete selling system.Nowadays MARATTI has been far ahead and become international original furniture leader and the creator of vogue office lifestyle.