Modern work requires modern office solutions. When I use smart office furniture, I feel it can be used in any field, turing the office landscape into a city landscape, so I can always feel the fun of innovative technology.

TANK is not only a smart coffee table, but also can be used as a flexible mobile exchange stool for new members to join at any time; it has a powerful storage function as well。Design of Tank is to let it be part of people's active life styles, encourging people to change different seating positions.

    When I was on a conference call with a foreign client, I could easily adjust my sitting position with Ricco and Moto. Digital technology helped me a lot. With a single click, I could adjust the height of the desktop to my liking and enjoy every conversation quietly and happily.

With the TANK connection to my central office, I am free to travel around the world and read the world's developments from magazines as I sit watching guests check in