When I want to have a brainstorming session with my partner, I can sit on an inclusive, soft couch and listen to the soft music coming out of the Yamaha. I know I'm going to be more inspired here.

When preparing for the next meeting, simply regroup the couch and have a good conversation or a deep discussion. If there are other team members in the middle ready to join, you can quickly move the assembly around and manually create our own meeting space, so that each combination is the start of a new discussion.


From scratching is not a simple thing, but here it can move quickly into the meeting room, I want no matter large or small meeting to discuss can deal with, my job often communicate with people from different teams in order to get better decisions or arrange work, this effective communication is just what I need.

Many of the daily work in the project need to cooperate with other department colleagues to complete, I can sit on the DASH of brainstorming area sofa and they discuss the work, we can also  drink latte while hot around talking about movies or sports, practical and comfortable and easy to let everyone involved in the session, to express ideas, inspire more creative.