China Original Product Design Awards(Cottontrtee Prize) Ceremony opened in GuangZhou Design Week No.1 Pavilion Nov,27th. MARATTI subordinated brand--MOTOSTUHL stood out from many excellent works......
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     Design Exhibition in GuangZhou,2017

Highly-anticipated design exhibition in GuangZhou enables people immerse in the hilarity.On today’s sunny day,2017 GuangZhou Design Week opened in the magnificent Poly World Trade Center......​
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New era is coming, this exhibition is not only exploring MARATTI’s overseas markets,but also creating shared office gym concepts to the whole world. The CEO of MARATTI, Jack Zhou thought that......

Date: 2018.2.15

     International Furniture Fair in Las Vegas ,2018


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MARATTI unites METHIS to release latest tendency of products.We extract some key factors to our future concepts and divide our product launch into different subject areas to let visitors swiftly get the latest industry trends.....

     MARATTI's News Conference In Israel,2018



     MOTOSTUHL had the honor to win Cottontree Prize