Since the prosperity of the luxury industry in the 20th century, expensive raw materials, fine craftsmanship and high-end customization are among the labels that make a product as a luxury. Now, Maratti, with the concept of top sports car lamborghini integrates the cool and cool styling, high-end materials and ergonomic concepts into the modern high-end office chair, which not only demonstrates the visual feast, but also brings luxurious experience.

Incorporate state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic techniques to further improve the design to make it healthier and broaden the Lambo's ability to adapt to multiple stances. According to Lambo's design director, a seat doesn't have to be fixed. The user does not have to sit on the seat stiff, in fact the seat can adapt to people's various needs, ready to serve.

The unique concave surface design and collage decoration on the back of Lambo are auxiliary, showing the design charm in details. Although many sections, but clearly visible ergonomic curve, extraordinary technology has been beyond Europe. Lambo is a golden balance of visual aesthetics and ergonomics, able to meet the work needs of various users, and its modeling structure and adjustment range can be applied to all people.

Lambo has breakthrough in the field of human body engineering from sitting habits on the profound understanding to the user, the back of the ergonomic curve for the user to provide professional support, convenient people in focus frequent switching between office and team collaboration, mobile and adjust sitting position at the same time, by devoting themselves to their work, is the wise choice of senior managers.