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       Today Maratti has updated the concept of Inspiration Space to the third generation, which could reflect its core value - 30% of the ability is to manucature furnitures, and the rest 70% of its ability is to creat brand new working styles & living styles. So far Maratti has helped many different enterprises realize their dreams of new working & living styles. We already ranked first class in the world furniture market, far beyond many ordinary manufactures in Europe and the United States.

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          Typical furniture of the the Brain Storming Area, includes Puzzle sofa, Folding Lounge chair, Biscotto coffee table. Puzzle sofa can be very flexible and free to move, easily swictching roles in work and life, learning and entertainment, between individuals and teams.  It can change configurations easily to suit different conferences and discussion groups, and to welcome new members to join at any time. This makes open meetings possible and provides more optionsto to creative collaboration. Folding Lounge chair and Biscotto coffee table provide a good  environment for a two-person communication , creating a variety of social and creative experience from a comprehensive perspective.